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Welcome to Science House
We are one of the leading trading house dealing in different types of chemicals & scientific equipments, meeting the demand of various industries, research institutions & hospitals. By pursuing & implementing high standards of excellence in our operations,
We have won confidence of all our customers. Science House established itself in the year 1949 and gradually, with hard work of two generations, has evolved as one of the main destinations for these products. Through an unwavering focus on Quality, Commitment & Delivery, we have charted our way to success in our operations and have won the admiration of our customers.
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Email : sciencehouse@email.com, mail@sciencehouse.co.in
Phone : +91-161 - 2722833, 2722978
Authorized Distributor
We are the authorized distributor for Merck Millipore, Blue Star, Eppendorf India, Rankem
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